One white helmet. Two blacked-out eyes. And a loveable smile. Say hello to the new face of electronic music: Marshmello.

As one of the latest acts to take the electronic world by storm, Marshmello met the most meteoric rise right from the get-go. The enigmatic producer continues in a long line of music makers putting sound and artistry ahead of image and ego. The mystery artist dons a fully enclosed marshmallow helmet, completely hiding the musician in seemingly plain sight. Rather than use the masked approach as a marketing gimmick, Marshmello instead employs it to echo his driving ethos: Let the music speak for itself.

And so it does—very loudly and very clearly.

As the layers of mystery continue to surround Marshmello, so too does the hype. Whether the world uncovers the man behind the mask is never the focus. Rather, the music within is what unites Marshmello to his beloved, growing Mellogang and the greater music world as a whole.

“I just want to make good music,” proclaims Marshmello. “That doesn't require you knowing who I am.”