L.A. duo Frenship's "Capsize" has become one of the most viral hits of Summer 2016. Highlighted by James Sunderland and Brett Hite's warm tones and blissed-out beats, the song is the most refreshing pop gem of this year. "People do tend to describe it as a tropical sound, but the truth is Brett was always trying to force a marimba into one of our songs and he finally got the opportunity," deadpans James. Quickly surpassing 20 million streams in just a month after independently releasing the track, Spotify recently included "Capsize" on their list of contenders for this year's Song Of The Summer; the infectious track is listed alongside hits from established superstars Drake, Justin Timberlake, and Calvin Harris, among others. To date, Frenship's "Capsize" has been streamed more than 55 million times on Spotify.

The duo describes their hypnotic production as a combination of the twosome's affection for 80s-styled pop. Frenship's natural progression in creating "Capsize" along with previously released songs, "Nowhere" and "Carpet" captures the band's signature sound. 

Frenship has recently signed a deal with Columbia Records, with a debut EP on the horizon.