Big Grams( Big Boi + Phantogram )

The story of how these two iconic acts came together is modern music history at its best. Big Boi, a true music fan of all genres, was surfing the web and trying to close some pop-up ads when Phantogram’s “Mouthful of Diamonds” started auto-playing. Taken aback by their sound, Big Boi stopped what he was doing to Shazam the track to figure out who it was. He liked it so much that he arranged for a meeting and thus, the kinship and now collaboration was born. While the melding of their unique and individual sounds came together in the most organic way, it’s obvious that these three musicians were destined to join forces.

Big Grams marks Big Boi’s first official release on Epic Records, since signing with the label last year. Phantogram and Big Boi collaborated previously on a handful of tracks from Big Boi’s second solo album, 2012’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, namely “CPU,” “Lines” and “Objectum Sexuality,” the latter also produced by Phantogram. Phantogram have released multiple EP’s and two studio albums, which have produced two Top 10 alternative hits, “Black Out Days” and “Fall In Love.” The duo is signed to Republic Records.

Big Grams’ self-titled debut is a concise album of seven “deadly” songs, each melding the best of Big Boi’s lyrical swag, Sarah’s haunting vocals, and Josh’s masterful production. The project is just the beginning for this supergroup.